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Our Services

Quick program facts are listed below. If you have a question about a specific services, please contact us.

House of Prayer

Community Outreach Center's House of Prayer
We believe through prayer we draw closer to God and each other. Here in lies our purpose to connect the community through prayer. If you wish to participate our staff and watchmen will be here to pray for you. You may request prayers for you by completing the form below or if you wish to serve as a watchmen please tell us the hours and days you wish to serve.

Case Management

Report from March-Sept 2015 outlines general statistics and information. APFG Ministry Board Report

* Casework Services provided through the Community Hope Center by onsite Family Advocate.

* 149 clients have been serviced since March 2014. All services provided are free to the clients. They are offered food, toiletries and prayer services. This also includes partner agency referrals if necessary.

* Since the start of our services, 18 clients have moved into a housing situation that is no longer considered "unfit for habitation" and 14 clients have started jobs where they were not employed prior to meeting with the case manager.

* One client has received rental assistance through the EFSP ( Emergency Food and Shelter Program) grant that was received by the Community Hope Center.

* In August/Sept 2015, we have provided 6 new clients various services. In addition, active follow-up engagement with 10 other clients.

The demographics for the 6 new clients:
Family Type: Families (3), Individuals (2), Couple, no children (1)
Type of Housing: Renter (House/Apt) (3), Family/Friends-pays no rent (3)
Employment: Employed/full time (1), Unemployed/actively searching (5)


GED Program

12 individuals currently enrolled in our GED program including 1 who has successfully graduated.


Recovery Program/Referrals

We're excited to have placed 3 veterans and 5 other individuals into long term faith based recovery programs.


Meal Program

We currently feed 60 to 100 individuals every Thursday and Saturday starting at 6 pm in the Community Outreach Center with the assistance of local church groups.


Emergency Relief

We provide emergency bags of groceries and clothing to an average of 20 individuals and families each week.